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Dear friends,

I’m excited about this coming Sunday! Remember to wear your black and gold – the “Grace changes everything” version. We’ll take a big church picture right after worship in our shirts. You can also count on someone wandering around during lunch getting some good candid shots. I’ve talked with the good folks at Faux Pas Prints and the shirts we are waiting for will be here before the weekend. If you are one of the people who needs a shirt in the sizes being re-ordered, you will be able to pick it up before worship.

Several people have asked me about how to sign up for what to bring to Sunday’s lunch. No need to sign up; it’ll be true potluck. So if everyone brings that green bean casserole with fried onions on the top, we’ll all be full of vegetables! I suspect, though, that between everyone we’ll end up with a good balance of delicious foods. Remember: you are invited to bring the dish you most closely associate with Lutheran potlucks. I suspect the people who grew up in the upper Midwest will bring something different than the Lutherans who grew up in NOLA!

I’ll walk us through some similarities and differences I have observed between Lutherans and Presbyterians, specifically between the ELCA and the PCUSA. We use different words for the Apostles’ Creed and Lord’s Prayer (you’d think those things would be set) and many hymns. There are differences in our form of government and history and sometimes in our emphases. It’ll be a good natured look at the best (and maybe worst) of our denominations. We are certainly siblings in the faith, with much more uniting us than dividing us. Thank God we have a sense of humor and that we know that God’s children come in different sizes, shapes, and denominations!

Kickoff of the Saints season is at noon. Thanks to Darryl Lewis who is setting up a TV so we won’t have to miss a moment. If you need to bring a second black and gold shirt (especially if the Saints win ONLY when you are wearing said shirt) please do. Who Dat!

See you Sunday! And I hope to also see many of you on Saturday, also in those “Grace changes everything” shirts, as we gather at 8 to clean up under the 610 overpass.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Kim