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Dear friends,

Thank you. Thanks for emails, cards, prayers. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for preaching on May 1, Bob, and for presiding, Pastor Ron. Thank you for having meetings without me and for gently getting me up to speed this week. My brain is still recovering, so I will be pacing myself as I see how it reacts to screen time and more involved thinking. But you can count on hearing back from me relatively quickly should you reach out. I will be fully present to you – God willing and the creek don’t rise. 

My health woes are usually pretty boring, thankfully. I have strong bones and muscles; a constitution that takes most things in stride; and as I have recently discovered in a series of medical tests, a normal and healthy brain and heart.  The biggest health weaknesses in my family are old age and cancer. I have about 35 years to go to reach my family’s definition of old age, and so far have been lucky with the cancer vulnerabilities. I know that could change at any time, so do my best to embrace each day without undue concern. That, and regular check-ups, has served me well.

But things happen. I react more easily than most people to some medications. I also faint more easily than the average person. Combine those things, and a granite countertop, and a time of the church year that is short on sleep, and you get my banged up self and concussed brain. It is hard to overstate how odd it feels to have my doctor tell me to go home, turn the lights low, nap and watch old reruns on TV. If you are interested, I can catch you up on Magnum, p.i.!

I’m the kind of person who always wants to know where God is in the stuff of life. My answers today are simple – God has been with me as my rattled brain calms down and my bruises change colors. God has been with you as you have banded together this past week and taken care of things your pastor usually does. God is with people all over the world who struggle with health concerns, with war and rumors of war, with poverty and abuse and prejudice and lack of opportunity. The Risen Christ has suffered the depths of pain and has risen, accompanying us and saving us every step of the journey. We join with Mary and the disciples and proclaim, “I have seen the Lord!” That is enough.  

Grace and peace,
Pastor Kim