• Welcome Pastor Chris and Theresa!
    Welcome Pastor Chris and Theresa!

    We are happy to have you!

  • April/May Schedule
    April/May Schedule
  • Church Work Day
    Church Work Day

    Saturday, May 7th, 8:30 AM to Noon

Welcome to Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

join_usWe are a congregation of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Grace is open to people from all walks of life, in every stage of life. We aim to serve God’s Kingdom as a united body of Christ, offer discipleship opportunities, and plan programs intended to reach and involve God’s Church. Grace is always excited to welcome visitors, new members, and new inspiration in order to move the church forward.

Located in the Lakeview neighborhood, Grace was devastated by more than 5 feet of water during Hurricane Katrina.  The church is back and more beautiful than ever, and now is working to rebuild the entire city of New Orleans. Please come and join us as we live as one body of Christ, and connect as a church family!





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From the synod and ELCA

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May 1, 2016, Being Home

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