November Chuck-It-In-The-Bucket
Grace Memorial for Mission Fund

November Chuck-it-in-the Bucket is for Grace Memorial for Mission Fund... This fund was established after Hurricane Katrina, for Grace to reach out to others in an institutional way, to help those who suffered a disaster or needed our help. 

We have provided monetary assistance to various groups and congregations with these funds, including a work trip to Iowa, funds for rebuilding to St. Paul Lutheran in St. Charles, Galilean Lutheran in Laplace, missions in Jamaica, and more.

For Thanksgiving this year, THANK the Lord for all your blessings and GIVE to help others!

You can donate by chucking your change and even large bills into the bucket as you leave the sanctuary on Sundays or by clicking the “Give Now” button at the top of this page and then selecting “Chuck-it-in-the-Bucket” from the fund list.