When we heard about the devasting wildfires on Maui we knew that God was calling us to help!  Many of our Grace members affirmed this call by lifting up the importance of sending support to the people of Maui.  

Having heard from our members, our Redevelopment Team, and especially from God the call to help, the Executive Team voted to send $2,000.00 to the home synod of Hawaii, Pacifica Synod of the ELCA, for wildfire relief.  This offering comes from our Grace Memorial Mission Fund -- it is funded by your generosity!  Thank you for contributing to GMMF so we are able to send offerings like this when the need arises!  

There are many ways to send support to the people of Maui.  The Exec Team chose to send money to the Pacifica Synod as they are best able to help the individual ELCA congregation on Maui at this time.  If you want to make an offering on your own we invite you to check out the list below that was provided by one of Beth Wee's grad students at Tulane who is from Maui.  


  • Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement: The CNHA is working in partnership with the Alakaʻina Foundation Family of Companies and Kākoʻo Haleakalā, to match up to $250,000 in donations. The assistance will go to families and businesses in Lāhainā Click here to donate.
  • Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund to support those affected by the fires.
  • The Maui Mutual Aid Fund is accepting donations to support Maui families, elderly residents, people with disabilities and those with limited or no insurance.
  • Maui United Way  supports families and nonprofits affected by the fires. Click here to donate.
  • The Maui Food Bank is providing meals for thousands of displaced residents.
  • The Maui Humane Society is providing animal shelter and medical attention as well as assistance to families trying to locate lost/missing pets.


The link below provides information about individual families to whom you can donate directly.  Each of the families listed in this document goes through an application and verification process: