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March Chuck it in the Bucket offerings will go to Glass Half Full.   Their mission is to recycle Louisiana’s glass “waste” into sand and glass cullet for disaster relief and prevention, coastal restoration, eco-construction, new glass products and so much more! 

To donate, click the "Give Now" button on our website and select "Chuck it in the Bucket" from the fund list!  

We’re also holding a glass collection during the month of March.  Please bring your thoroughly washed glass to church and place in a collection tub located in the Narthex.  There is no need to separate colors, Glass Half Full takes care of that at their facility.  They pulverize it with hammer-mill crushers.  Once crushed, they are left with three unique parts:  sand, glass cullet and labels.  From there, they sort, separate, and bag the various components.  Finally, they allocate the sand and cullet.  From flooring and new glass products to disaster relief sandbags for mitigating flood damage, they  work creatively to integrate our recycled materials into everyday life.  This all happens right here in New Orleans; nothing is shipped out of the state or the country for processing.  That way, we’re transforming glass “waste” into a resource that actually benefits the community doing the recycling.