Our Caring Ministry Team is made up of devoted and caring members of our congregation who minister to those members of our community that either cannot make it to worship for communion; or are in need of pastoral care due to some painful circumstance in their life (i.e. grief, brokenness, or illness). The team is led by Bonnie Simmons. Every Caring Minister receives training from the pastor and the Council member responsible for this ministry.  Currently Bonnie is that person.  Bonnie coordinates visits with the pastor and our Caring Ministers. If you know of anyone needing spiritual care, please contact either the pastor or Bonnie for more information.  We will be glad to visit and offer the grace of God to those in need. Bonnie can be reached at bbs4527@earthlink.net or (504) 615-0992. 

Our Evangelism Team is responsible for bringing the Gospel to all people, especially the unchurched, and the enlistment of all of God’s people in the work of spreading the Gospel and the deepening of the faith of the members of this congregation. Mark and Shelley. In their leisure time, the Babcocks enjoy working in their gardens. Shelley prefers working with flowers but Mark goes the healthy route with vegetables. We are blessed that they use their green thumbs to tend to the gardens at Grace.  For more information about evangelism, you can email Shelley at skbabcock23@yahoo.com or Mark at markbabcock218@yahoo.com.

Our Discipleship Team is responsible for involving not only the youth and young adults of the congregation in the work of Christ, but the entire inter-generational family.  Its work also provides for their spiritual growth and to nurture and promote genuine Christian fellowship and servanthood. Yvonne Johnson leads the team.  If you’re interested in learning more about this ministry, she can be reached at yakj504@yahoo.com.

The Fellowship Team is responsible for strengthening the fellowship between congregation members spiritually and socially and the general upbuilding of mutual cooperation, trust and enjoyment among the active and associate members of the congregation. The team sponsors several events throughout the year, some strictly for adults and others geared toward the entire family. Mike Adler leads the team.   He can be reached at adler6564@gmail.com.


Mark Wester leads the Property Team. This ministry is responsible for the normal upkeep, repair and maintenance of the church property and grounds.  Periodically, we host a Grace Workday from 8:30 – Noon.  Our members are encouraged to spend a few hours helping to clean the inside of the church or work on the beautiful landscaping that surround our buildings.  Here are some fun facts about Mark:  (1) His favorite movie is “Field of Dreams,” (2) his favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate, (3) his favorite song is “I Can Only Imagine,” (4) his favorite scripture is Ephesians 2:8, and (5) he loves sports — especially the Saints and LSU!  Mark can be reached at mdetail@cox.net or (504) 780-0246.

Eileen Doll leads our Social (Outreach) Ministry Team. Eileen Doll leads our Social (Outreach) Ministry Team. This servant-oriented ministry is responsible for strengthening the attitudes and deeds of the congregation in the areas of social, hunger, and justice mission directed at any needs outside of the congregation. Some specific areas of mission include regular collection of food for the food pantry at Gethsemane Lutheran in Chalmette, packing days at Second Harvest Food Bank in Elmwood, clean-up and repair around the New Orleans area, and days of service working with Animal Rescue of New Orleans (ARNO) to help care for dogs and cats at this “no-kill” shelter. Here are some fun facts about Eileen: Eileen was born and raised in Harvard, IL, the self-proclaimed “Milk Center of the World.” Every June the town whitewashes the main street to make the “Milky Way” and holds a big parade. She also marched in the Purdue All-American Marching Band for 3 years, carrying a Big Ten Flag. Her first year in the band was the first year the flag corps was all female! And the first year Purdue allowed women to march in the instrument sections of the band. This year, Eileen’s goal for her team is to coordinate Social Ministry activities with other teams so that together they can be strategic about events and have better turnout for outreach. Eileen can be reached at edoll@loyno.edu.

Our Stewardship Team is led by Sal and Debbie Pusateri. This ministry is responsible for initiating programs for the development of good stewardship attitudes in the members of the congregation in regard to time, talents, and treasures.  The team also provides for the training and utilization of members of the congregation for the work of Christ’s Kingdom, and to ensure the financial stability of the congregation and its work through a developed program of dedicated; proportionate, first-fruits giving. Sal can be reached at salpusateri@yahoo.com and Debbie can be reached at dpusateri@bellsouth.net.

Our Worship Team, led by Jeff Smolik, is responsible for planning and administering a quality, enriching worship experience, including incorporating the diverse artistic gifts and talents of the congregation and Ministry Partners into our services. The team consists of the Pastor, the music staff, and the Altar Guild.  Worship should be fulfilling, meaningful, and affirming, and that is their mission! Jeff’s mission is to involve as many people as possible in worship, expand our involvement with Ministry Partners, and provide a worship experience that grows and strengthens your relationship with God and the Church community. You might be interested in knowing that Jeff went to an elementary school that was also a Christmas tree farm and he has been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 12 years!  What fun!!  If you have any questions about worship and arts, please feel free to contact Jeff.  He can be reached at bluegrassjs@yahoo.com.