Kären Hazlaris, our council President, is the chief executive officer of the congregation and is empowered to act on its behalf in such matters of business transactions requiring legal authority.  She has the primary duty to supervise the business affairs of the congregation and to assure the continuity of the spiritual programs of the congregation through active participation of the membership. Kären presides at all meetings of the Congregation Council and attends, at her own discretion, any meetings of the committees.  Additionally, she supervises the procurement, maintenance, and review of all applicable congregation insurance policies.  She is an attorney, retired from the Louisiana court system after 34 years, and is now working as a consultant for the state child welfare system. She is a lifelong Lutheran, born, baptized, confirmed and raised as a PK (preacher’s kid) in South Dakota. As President, Kären prays for God’s guidance to provide effective leadership to the council and congregation. When asked what she loves about Grace, Kären said “The love and spirit of the congregation.”  She can be reached at khallstrom2017@gmail.com.


Our Vice President, Ken Pauley, presides at meetings of the congregation and the Congregation Council in the absence of the president or at the president’s request.  Ken presides over, or is a member of, any specially formed committees directed by the president.  He reviews the Articles of Incorporation, the Constitution and Bylaws of this congregation annually to keep the president and the Congregation Council appraised of desired or necessary changes, additions or deletions, and shall be prepared to resolve any Congregation Council or congregational action in conflict with existing and Bylaws. Here are some fun facts about Ken: He has 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren, he owns one stock certificate in the Green Bay Packers, his favorite movie/play is “West Side Story,” and his dream car is a 1968 Barracuda Convertible! Ken can be reached at kdp720@yahoo.com


Our Secretary, Sue Pundt, records proceedings of each Congregation Council meeting, of all special called meetings of the Congregation Council, and all meetings of the congregation. She also acts as the custodian of the congregation’s archives and oversees the safe storage of all papers and documents of interest and value pertaining to congregation and Congregation Council actions. Other responsibilities include the oversight of the Grace Infant Care Center (GICC) and authorized signatures list. Sue recently retired from a long career as a corporate paralegal. She is now enjoying traveling and spending more time with her son and granddaughter in Jackson, Mississippi as well as family in Wisconsin. Sue is a lifelong Lutheran and believes that Grace is a very nurturing and welcoming church. Sue can be contacted via email at spundt17@att.net. 

Our Treasurer, Tom Doster, is responsible for safe keeping and proper disbursement of all money belonging to the congregation.  He provides monthly financial reports to the Congregation Council and additional financial reports to the congregation periodically throughout the year.  He also maintains all applicable congregation insurance policies and, as a member of the Finance Committee, assists in the annual review of the adequacy of all congregation insurance coverage. In his spare time, Tom enjoys what he calls “Jeep Therapy,” cruising in his 1981 Jeep CJ7, but only when it doesn’t interfere with his goal of providing accurate financial reports to the council each month. Tom can be contacted via email at tdoster13@gmail.com.