Tapestry of Faith Formation

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By Peggy Hahn

Back in the day, we called teaching the faith “Sunday School.”  We grew up and maybe even raised our children with a 45 minute-a-week lesson on Jesus in a classroom that felt like school, only we dressed better.  Many of us loved it.  Today we know this is only one option out of a zillion different ways to teach the faith.  It is a beautiful thing that the church has moved beyond a single method of passing on the faith.  While some may grieve this change, the fact that there are many effective ways of growing deeper in our faith is something to celebrate since it means that we can meet Jesus in everything we do.

tapestryThis tapestry of faith formation is not just for children.  In fact that would be our biggest mistake.  The most meaningful, faith-enriching experiences of my life have happened on immersions, in small groups, through a wide variety of spiritual practices and in deep theological conversations.  How about you?

LEAD is hosting a one-day learning event (click here for the Hospitality Bulletin Insert) in Houston this August to look at best practices to pass on the faith.  This is our most affordable one-day event ever because we want you to come and to bring a group with from your congregation with you!  For just $20 per person, including lunch, this is a day set aside for networking great ideas and learning from each other.

Something special is the Congregational Coaching hour, a chance to stay for an extra hour at the end of the event for individualized coaching.  This is a conversation with the participants from your congregation and a LEAD Team Member to talk about your unique setting and to explore ways of shifting your congregation’s faith formation toward a more meaningful experience.  The cost is $50 per congregation for this one hour coaching experience and space is limited.

Workshops on August 16, 2014 at Faith Lutheran Church, Bellaire, TX include:

  • Safe Haven – creating guidelines to prevent abuse and neglect in your congregation
  • Facilitating Small Groups & Following The Way – an invitation to be a Guide in a proven model for growing faith
  • Behavior Management – increasing skills to manage group dynamics with children and youth
  • Social Media & Faith Formation – linking social media with your website, Facebook and Twitter
  • Children with Special Needs  – intentionally meeting the needs of all children and adults
  • Leading Games & Mixers – interactive teaching that engages movement with learning
  • Leading Songs – methods that work so that anyone can teach songs
  • Age Development and Learning Styles – discussing how people learn at different ages and stages of life
  • Milestones Ministry – congregational practices that celebrate stages of life
  • Children’s Ministry – intentionally designing a ministry for young children
  • Ways to Pray with Children & Families  – creative, simple ways to expand prayer life
  • Godly Play – a proven method for learning stories and experiencing the mysteries of the faith with children and  youth
  • Global Mission Connections – linking congregational ministry with international partners
  • Sharing Faith Stories – proven methods for sharing your sacred story and encouraging others to do the same
  • Creative Bible Study – opening up scripture to adult and youth in both new and ancient ways
  • Spiritual Practices – daily practices for living a life of faith – anyone can do this
  • Thinking Theologically – expanding your lens for reading scripture because how we think matters
  • Cross-cultural Relationships  – opening up your congregation to learn from and welcome people who have a different story than your own
  • Cross-generational Learning – methods for teaching people of all ages in one shared experience
  • Starting Parent Groups – proven ways for engaging young families in their own faith life
  • Spiritual Art – responding to scripture, sermons and prayer through a special form of journaling