Million Book Project – pass this on!

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Many of you have asked for more information about the Million Book Project. As this is in our synod, I am really hoping we fully participate in this effort to reduce poverty by increasing literacy in New Orleans. There are three ways to give that make this easy for you.

1. Donate $15 to purchase 4 books (thanks to a partnership with Scholastic) and the books will be directly delivered to our Literacy Camps being run by youth groups during the Gathering with local New Orleans Children, and to our Book Festivals where we will be giving away books to families to start home libraries.

2. Use the book list ( to collect new books (from the Reading is Fundamental multi-cultural list – all have curriculum for the teacher and a parent info sheet to encourage reading at home on the RIF website.) Books should be dropped off at the Convention Center when you register for the Gathering. They will be sorted and distributed by Gathering volunteers.

3. Use the book list and order from Amazon before June 10, using the address provided on the website ( and books will be shipped to the Convention Center for distribution in the city.

Please notice that there is a bulletin insert ready to print with this information on the website to make it easy to distribute. There is also a short video, with more videos being produced right now, that will help you communicate how important this is.

Please let me know if you have questions.