May Monthly Reflection

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IMG_0693May is a busy month of celebrations and gathering with family and friends making and keeping memories. In New Orleans, we kick off the month with our annual Jazz Fest (rain or shine), then it’s Mother’s Day, Graduation Ceremonies, followed by our entry into summer fun (and heat and humid rain!) with Memorial Day Weekend.

All of this activity is filled with exciting and heart-felt memories of lives we cherish and love and, yes, miss. Each year is special in its own way whether it’s with a 100-year old mother, a loved one’s moment in the spotlight to cross the stage to their well-earned achievement, or another solemn year to remember the men and women in our armed services who not only gave their lives for God and country, but for us.

There is much to give thanks to God for because he makes these things happen. Each moment remembered is a gift from God, an example of his love being expressed through the people he created.

At Grace, we kick off the month with our Annual Meeting on May 4th at 8:45 AM. It also is a time of celebrating and gathering with our membership making new plans for our future and reflecting on the memories we created in the past year. It is just an important time for us as all the other fun-filled experiences we have in May. Why is it important? Because it is your spiritual family that is supposed to be close to your heart as your loved ones. All through Lent, we have been talking about God’s love and how in all the challenges we face in life, “love will find a way.” At Easter we learned that when we put our faith in this love, we will discover in the end that “love wins.” Of course, we realize that the word “love” is another way to say “God!” But let me put another spin on this. If another way to say love is “grace,” then it seems to me that the challenges our church faces in the next fiscal year are ones that can be “won.” Grace will find a way to succeed but only if you gather with the rest of the members to make it happen. You see the secret to God wins is that all of God’s people have to find a way. Not one of us can do this alone, but together with Christ and his “peeps,” all things are possible.

So, please be active at Grace, even if you can’t make the annual meeting. After all, there are lot more memories in store for us throughout the year. Let’s make them the most memorable as a group . . . and not as a selfie!

Keep the faith . . .