Luther on James

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Luther does not give all books of the the Bible equal weight. He evaluates them in their gospel content. John, Galatians and Romans get high marks. James and Jude (which were not considered apostolic by Eusebius), not so much. Here … Continued

Subpoenaed Sermons

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So yesterday I was contacted by folks here in Texas and also from other places in the country about a news story that claimed Houston city attorneys had subpoenaed some pastors’ sermons. As it turns out, the story is true. … Continued

Cookies and accompaniment

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​Maddie Tallman, right, with some of the people she works with at El Arca Argentina. Maddie Tallman is spending a year in Argentina with the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program. To learn how to sponsor a participant, … Continued

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