Kindness to strangers

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Kindness to strangers is one of the highest forms of morality. To love others when it is to your benefit, because you’re expecting something in return, is no shining deed. That is enlightened self interest. To love others when there … Continued

The Reformation: History in an Hour

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Looking for a short primer on the Reformation? The Reformation, by Edward E. Gosselin can be purchased at (Kindle Edition) for $1.99. Part of the History in an Hour series, this book can be read in under an hour. Of … Continued

EPA Clean Power Plan Hearings: Days 2-3

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Yesterday, Lutherans continued their testimonies at the Environmental Protection Agency. Our speakers were notably engaging, energized and forthright in their discussion on how climate change is an important matter in their community. Their testimonies gave an excellent impression, demonstrating how … Continued

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