Conroe’s bus routes

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Conroe locals: For those interested in our little attempt at public transportation in Conroe, I rode the “bus” today. I dropped my car off for some maintenance and hopped on the bus for kicks. $1.   It’s more like an airport … Continued

St. Patrick 

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Many of the stories around St. Patrick are legends that accumulated over the centuries. There are, however, some documents that scholars generally accept as having likely been written by Patrick. One is an autobiography written in 450, 16 years before … Continued

Women’s Sunday in Kenya

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​Women’s Sunday worship March 1 at the Nairobi International Lutheran Congregation. The Rev. Michael Fonner serves Nairobi International Lutheran Congregation and Leslie Weed-Fonner works with the Pangani Lutheran Children’s Center. To support these ELCA missionaries in Kenya, click here. To … Continued

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