Church as Movement

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For a recent event with Reggie McNeal I reread his Missional Renaissance book, from nine years ago, much of which has come to pass. I’m also starting his latest book, Kingdom Collaborators: Eight Signature Practices of Leaders Who Turn The… … Continued

Update: Rohingya Refugee Crisis

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Be a part of the response: Pray Continue to pray for all those impacted by conflict and forced migration. Give Thanks to generous, undesignated donations, Lutheran Disaster Response is able to respond quickly and effectively to disasters around the globe, … Continued

May 13, 2018–A Lonely Lot

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Leslie Scanlon, Chesapeake, VA   Warm-up Question Tell about a time this week you felt lonely.  Tell  about a time this week you felt part of a group. Think of it like “high/low,” “rose/thorn,” “mountain top/valley,” or whatever metaphor you … Continued

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